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The objective of APEA is to improve the theory, practice, use and institutions of evaluation through:

1. Establishing and promoting ethics, professionalism, and exemplary standards in evaluation practice in the Asia-Pacific region;

2. Providing forums for discussions of ideas, including association publication, seminars, workshops and conferences in the region;

3. Promoting transparent and accountable governance (in relation to M & E) in the region;

4. Promoting inclusiveness and linking members who have similar evaluation interests regionally and globally;

5. Facilitating education and training in matters related to evaluation;

6. Recognizing outstanding contributions to the theory and / or practice of evaluation in the region;

7. And any other matters consistent with the above theme.

Evaluationpracticesarebecoming more and more prevalent at the corporate, local and national levels in countries of Asia and the Pacific region. They are now being woven into the social governance system in an increasing number of countries. Simultaneously, studies on evaluation theories, methodologies, approaches and systems have been conducted by scholars and researchers in this region, and several countries, such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, among others.

Evaluation, however, is a comparatively new profession and the exchange of information and experiences among evaluation professionals and the networking among national evaluation societies are essential for the further advancement of evaluation theories and practices. For this reason, the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) was organized in 2002 by development-oriented evaluation experts and the Organization for International Cooperation in Evaluation (OICE) in 2003 by those concerned with evaluation in general.

APEA works on the same cause. It is a non-profit, non-government, voluntary organization withMembership open to individuals and institutions involved in evaluation as well as in development from developing and developed countries. Its members- include evaluation experts and development practitioners from governments, civil society (e.g.-------------------------NGOs, academia, research institutions), private sector, and bilateral and multilateral institutions in the international development cooperation community.

The main objectives of APEA are: to promote theory, practice and utilization of evaluation in Asian and Pacific countries and to enhance academic and professional networking among evaluators and others concerned with evaluation in the region.

It is expected that APEA would promote a culture for evaluation and to strengthen the evaluation capacities among its member countries, thus contributing to realizing the high-quality evaluation researches and practices in the region.

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