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Innovative Partnerships in Evaluation

The International  Organization  for  Cooperation  in  Evaluation  (IOCE) and UNICEF,  in  partnership  withMinistry  for Foreign Affairs of Finland,  International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the United Nations  Evaluation  Group  (UNEG)'s  Task  Force  on  National  Evaluation  capacities,  UNWOMEN, African

Evaluation  Association  (AfrEA),  European  Evaluation  Society  (EES),  and  Latin  American  and  Caribbean M&E  Network (ReLAC),  are pleased to  launch an  innovative  partnership to  enhance  the  capacities  of Civil Society Organizations  (CSO) to influence policy makers, public opinion and other key stakeholders so that public policies are based on evidence, and incorporate considerations of equity and equality. The objective of  the Initiative is  to enhance  the capacities of CSOs  to engage in a strategic and meaningful manner in national evaluation processes, and to influence country‐led evaluation systems.

The initiative foresees the mapping and documentation of good practices and lessons learned by Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators (VOPEs); a peer to peer mutual support programme and triangular cooperation; and the use of social networking, social media and knowledge management systems. An International Conference on CSO's evaluation capacities will be organized in late 2012 in East Asia.

An invitation is being extended to other international development agencies that may be interested in joining and supporting this Initiative.  A typology of the types of organizations that are invited to join as Core Partners are given in the Appendix, along with some suggested forms of engagement and examples of joint activities.  Beyond  the Core  (regional/international) Partners,  the EvalPartners Initiative will be open to any VOPE around the world to take advantage of a variety of opportunities to strengthen their capacities, as described below.